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02 Jun 2019

Information on elixers

What are elixirs? The word is often used for liquid elixirs to indicate which minerals are used: e.g. crystal water. Our elixirs are not liquids. Our elixirs are lactose-free granules used as carriers in support of mental or physical problems. What exactly do they do? Elixir support but they don't heal. Our elixirs are made by our own method which we call GEMBS. Gembs represents Granular Mineral-Based Energy Support. The minerals we use are NOT in contact with the granules. Therefore there is no mixing or addition of granules and they can safely be ingested. Specific elixirs are made for a number of physical and spiritual complaints which you find listed in our overview.

Usage You can take a grain and swallow it or mix it with your food. You can also dissolve a pellet in a bottle of spring water and drink the solution throughout the day. The first way of taking it is stronger than the second where the dose can be measured and taken on several times. Elixirs are not reimbursed by health insurances and are no drugs. Elixirs are made from GEMBS and don't have side effects, Elixirs are made to support and are not addictive. We advise you to ALWAYS prolonged symptoms contact your doctor.

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